How I Explained Recruitment to 5th Graders

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Last week I joined a social movement called Kelas Inspirasi (Inspiration Class). It’s a movement where professionals go to marginal elementary school to share about their professions to inspire and motivate the students. Various professionals voluntarily participated in this movement, such as police, chef, architect, journalist, dancer, judge, etc – and of course, me, an HR professional.

As an HR whose one of the jobs is to recruit talent, I decided to share about recruitment. At first, I feel it’s kinda hard to explain since the concept is a bit complicated and not common for kids. After a few thoughts and discussion with friends, I had ideas to simplify the explanation.

Here’s how I did it. 

First, I made them understand the basic concept. I showed a few slides containing comparison between two people. In above example, we have Wisnu and Rizki. Wisnu loves sports, is good at math, and lives a healthy lifestyle. The other one, Rizki, is discipline and good at martial arts. Then I asked. Which one will you pick to be a police? Which one will you pick to be an athlete? I repeated the process with different example and gradually increased the difficulty. The kids were active and enthusiast in answering the question.

Second, I made them able to implement the basic concept. I gave the kids a small task to create class management. They selected who will be the secretary, treasurer, security, etc – and explained the reason. I was happy that the kids were able to explain, for example, he picked A to be secretary because A’s writing is very clear, she picked B to be treasurer because B is good at math, etc. Then I repeated the process with different example: selecting class representatives to compete in school competition.

Third, I made them know that everyone has it’s own talent. I showed several famous people, ranging from football player, boxer, magician, to chef. I asked who those people are and what their talents are. Then I asked, will it be good if we switch, for example, the magician become the boxer? Or the chef become the football player? The class were laughing, said that it’s not possible. I added that actually it’s possible if they work hard – but will be better if they focus on strengthening their own talents. I also added that everyone in the classroom also has their own talents.

And last, I closed the session with a simple message:

"Everyone is unique. Everyone has it’s own talent. A recruiter’s job is to select the right person with the right talent to fulfill the right position."

And that’s, how I explained recruitment to 5th graders. It was a fun experience. I know that it’s not perfect and not 100% of the kids fully understand, so, it will be great to hear your ideas :)


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