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Selecting Your 1st Career as Fresh Graduates

I write this as requested by one of my friend from Student x CEO , hope it helps! One of the biggest challenge after you graduate from college is selecting your 1st career. It’s great that nowadays we have more career options compare to 5-10 years ago, however, it’s also what make us harder to decide. Here are my tips to help you selecting the 1st career: 1. Know Your Career Goals Where do you see yourself in your career in the long term? Everyone have their own career goals: to be a president director, BUMN leader, digital marketing expert, social business owner, etc. If you have goals, it will be easier for you to decide where to start your career. For example, if your goals is to be a digital marketing expert, then it’s good for you to start a career in marketing related area. What if you are not sure with your career goals yet? No problem, you can start a career in an area that you loved or you’re good at. First few years of yo