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Being Comfortable in The Discomfort

Many people feel uncomfortable when facing something unfamiliar, whether it's a new job, a new place, or even a new social media app. Sometimes I feel it, too. Don't get me wrong, I love new experience. I just hate the fact that unfamiliarity means I have more risk to fail. When I heard that I get assigned to work in China, I was really excited. It's my dream to experience living and working abroad. That's why when I landed in Shanghai, it feels like the dream comes true. On the other side, the nightmare came true, too. At work, I'm assigned in Organization Development Team, handling 5 projects in 6 months. Both position and assignments are different compare with what I did in Indonesia. Not to mention, the people and culture are different, too. At one point it felt like I worked less efficient because I need time to learn and adapt. Outside work, it's also different. On my first few days, a waiter in a small restaurant gave up to ser