Life Lessons From Seth Rollins

Meet my hero, Seth Rollins. He’s the architect of The Shield. He’s the golden boy of The Authority. He was Mr Money In The Bank. He’s what best for business. He was the one who shocked the world at Wrestlemania 31. He’s the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

…and he’s the number one bad guy in the company right now.

Wait – so we’re gonna have a life lessons from a bad guy? Yes. If we take a deeper look, there’s many things we can learn from this guy. So many that I had to take it down to three. Let’s take a look.

1. Believe in Your Future

Since day one in WWE, Rollins has been a visionary one. He was the architect of The Shield who’s mission is to bring injustice to an end. As the one who started it, he finished The Shield to move to a bigger phase. During his time with The Authority, you can tell from his eyes that he’s sure about his future. Heck, he himself always says that he is the future of WWE, with a hundred percents of confidence. The good news is, that future is now. Seth Rollins is now the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. 

Moral of the story: you are the one who define your future.

2. Create a Strong Network
As the wise man says, “it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know”. Look at Rollins. He’s strongly affiliated with the top management of WWE, The Authority. What’s better than having Triple H and Stephanie McMahon behind your back? That’s the COO and chairman’s daughter right there. Sure he had no regret leaving (or destroying) The Shield for The Authority. You can add J&J security, if you want to. With all those backup, it’s hard to say that Rollins will ever get to the top as the company’s top guy.

Moral of the story: a good networking will boost you to rise to the top.

3. If You’re Not The Strongest, Be The Smartest
Rollins is not the big guy. He is 5’10” – pretty small compared to wrestlers in his division. Yet he’s the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Why? Because he’s smart. He has a strong backup to rise to the top (see my previous point). He always find a way to escape from his opponent before he strikes back. The most important things is, perhaps, that he always has a plan ahead and seize every oppoertunity. I’m still amazed with his cash-in at Wrestlemania 31 to win his first title. That was the smartest thing I’ve ever seen in WWE.

Moral of the story: be smart and you can beat the strongest guy.

What about you guys? Do you have any life lessons from Seth Rollins, too?


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